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Vasco da Gama Tower
The 140m-high Torre Vasco da Gama at the Parque das Nações has panoramic views of the park, river and city and Vasco da Gama Bridge. It is Lisbon’s tallest building.
Vasco da Gama Tower
Ths futuristc construction evokes the shape of a nautical sail. It is one of the most beautful buildings in Nations Park and owes its name to the navigator who discovered the maritime route to India.
Oceanarium Building: in Park of Nations
Cable Car
Bridge Vasco Da Gama

Metro: Oriente
Bus: 725,728,744,708,750,759,782,794
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The Cable Car provides an air trip over the whole of the Park of Nations, along the river Tagus.
This region os Lisbon, which hosted the world exhibition of 1998 (Expo 98), offers much to suit varied interests. Contrary to historical center, Parque das Nações attracts its visitors with its 21st century modern architecture.
Vasco de Gama Shopping Mall is located in the entrance of the Nations Park, between two striking twin towers designed to look like giant sailboats.
One of the most stunning modern sights in Lisbon is Oriente Station. It houses a railway station, a metro, and a bus terminal.
From the coral reefs to the frozen waters of the South Pole, here you will find it all. Lisbon’s Oceanarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums. It brings together more than 25,000 specimens of high seas in 7,000,000 liters of salty water. It is enjoyed by both children and adults.
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Vasco da Gama Shopping Mall
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Bridge Vasco da Gama
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Bridge Vasco da Gama
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