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Dominican church
Igreja de São Domingos from the outside may not be the most impressive building of Lisbon, however inside the church of Dominicans is truly unique and always makes a big impression on visitors. The church itself survived the horrible earthquake of 1755, but later, in 1959 its interior was destroyed by fire. It was reopened only in 1997 and became the most popular church of Lisbon, which celebrate the largest number of Masses a day.
São Domingos
The construction of the church began in 1241, but over the centuries it was rebuilt several times. The church is built on a Latin cross plan with a single nave. Formerly, it was in the immediate vicinity of the headquarters of the Inquisition (now this place is the National Theatre of Dona Maria II). It was a church of last processions of all convicted by the Holy Inquisition. Fernando Pessoa , in the book "Lisbon - what a tourist should see", writes about the Igreja de São Domingos: "In this church in 1506, after the service, fanatical mobs murdered local Jews and the massacre soon spread to other parts of the city".
Baixa: Lisbon downtown
Commerce Square: view from a ferry sailing from the Cais do Sodre to the other side of the Tagus river
Augusta Street: One of the busiest quarters of Lisbon.

Despite the horrible history of the church, it survived the great earthquake of 1755 and later was rebuilt in Baroque style. The facade was designed by famous João Frederico Ludovic.

In August 1959 the temple suffered a great fire. It started from candles on the altar, which set on fire the wooden interior. The fire destroyed many works of sacred art. Once the fire broke out on the firefighters entering the church, the choir collapsed burning. Two of them lost their lives. In the back of the church, on the left, you will find information about this tragic event. After the horrible fire, the church was not rebuilt until 1997, when it was opened for visitors and only the roof was restored. The church was never fully renovated, remaining burnt inside in order to remind about the horror of inquisition.

address: Largo de São Domingos
Metro: Rossio (linia Verde)
Tram: 12, 15
Bus: 714, 732, 736, 746, 759, 783
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Rossio is one of the most beautiful and liveliest squares in the city. People stop here to sit and relax, or for a drink at the several atmospheric cafes with outdoor sitting (the most popular is the art deco Café Nicola on the western side).
In neo-mauretan style, the Rossio railway station is an outstanding building set between Rossio Square and Restauradores Square and was designed by the architect José Luís Monteiro.
Baixa, literally translated as ’low’, is situated in the gulf between the two main hills of the city and is the central business and shopping district of the capital.
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