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What are The Portuguese like?
Mário Soares once said: "Language is the limit. Speaking Portuguese means that you are a Portuguese". It is also worth quoting the words of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa: "A minha Pátria é a Língua portuguesa" - "My homeland is the Portuguese language". For centuries, in Portugal different cultures mixed. Saudade is a Portuguese word perfectly defining the population of western periphery of Europe. Of course, the country is diverse and the people of the north, south, Lisbon or Alentejo region are quite different from each other. Althought, all Portuguese call themselves people of Brandos costumes, meaning quiet manners, but what really connects all Portuguese is a passion for good food, wine, coffee and football.

What Saudade really is? It is nostalgy, it is a feeling of missing something or someone, it is quiet manners, so called Brandes Costumes. Portuguese often can be seen somehow lost in their toughts, looking towards never ending Ocean. They have some melancholy in them, always searching for something that can’t be found... something they once had and lost. Suadade could also be a synonime of pride.

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