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Portugal in Focus
If you want to shoot in Portugal, want to organize a professional photo shoot sessions or you are looking for a local and experienced photographer – contact us
Open Air Photography in Portugal
Portugal offers beautiful scenery and an excellent lighting, what makes it an ideal location for an open air photo shoot. If you want to spend time in Portugal, in addition you are interested in photography and want to expand your passion it is a great idea to explore some of the most interesting places together with photographer - guide. Shooting in the most beautiful sceneries of Portugal is certainly unusual adventure and the effects surely will bring you a lot of satisfaction.

Wedding photography
For several years, we assist people who get married in Lisbon. We know all the corners of this extraordinary city and its charming surroundings. Fiancée or wedding photo session in Lisbon and the surrounding areas is an unforgettable experience, a memory of which will last for a lifetime. Grasp your happiness on the photographs taken in the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal.
Your photo session
Photo session during the tour? It’s a great idea! Original photos of the beautiful, natural sceneries will be a great memento of the holiday. Portugal with its great natural lighting is perfect for photo sessions: Individual sessions, fiancée, family sessions or sessions during the bachelorette party.
Exhibitions, concerts, joy of the crowd after winning the match, official ceremonies and events in Portugal. Colorful and original local festas- traditional festivals or religious celebrations, colorful processions and countless music festivals, dinning and movies. Our photo reports show what people of Portugal are really like. .

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