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Exhibitions, concerts, joy of the crowd after winning the match, official ceremonies and events in Portugal. Colorful and original local festas- traditional festivals or religious celebrations, colorful processions and countless music festivals, dinning and movies. Our photo reports show what people of Portugal are really like.

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Photo stories from Portugal

Portuguese Saudade
Saudade is a Portuguese word perfectly defining the population of western periphery of Europe. It’s described as nostalgia, longing, melancholy. Portuguese are also very silenced, often lost in thought gazing toward the vastness of the ocean. The Portuguese have a melancholy associated with the past, longing for something unattainable, as well as a kind of pride.

Feira Nacional do Cavalo
Golegã in November helds Feira Nacional do Cavalo, the colorful festival of horses and horsemanship. Feira attracts breeders, exhibitors and riders from all over Portugal. In Largo Marques de Pombal there are several competitions being held in carriage driving, show jumping and horse show.

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