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Fado in Lisbon
For many people it is a must to listen to the Fado music while visiting Lisbon. It’s the kind of music, which is undoubtedly associated with Portugal and perfectly fits into the atmosphere of Lisbon. In the capital of Portugal, there is a large selection of place where you may chose to listen to the Fado: Fado houses, clubs, restaurants and bars with the music of Fado. In the famous clubs you may listen to professionally trained Fadista (there are special schools in Portugal). However, there are many places in Lisbon, where you can hear the spontaneous music, sung by the residents of the district . Frequently offered are so-called Fado dinners. There are also places where you can come and drink a glass of wine while listening to the music. Each unit of Fado has its own rules, some charge a special fee for the ability to listen to the music, in others you must pay for dinner. Please read the policy of the premises in which the Fado is played and choose the place that best suits us. Please note that when Fadista sings it is not allowed to talk.
Silêncio, que se vai cantar o Fado!

Fado: obraz autorstwa JosÚ Malhoa (1910)

History of Fado

Fado from Lisbon is a nostalgic type of music sung by one singer (male or female) to the accompaniment of two guitars. The word " fado " is difficult to translate. It means fate, destiny, melancholy. This genre of music was created in the nineteenth century in the poor districts of Alfama and Mouraria. The first documented fado singer was Maria Severa, but Amalia Rodrigues is considered to be for the greatest fado singer. In the nineties of the twentieth century fado began to experience a renaissance, mainly due to the new generation of artists singing both classic and modernized fado. The most important of these is Dulce Pontes, Mariza, MÝsia, Cristina Branco, Mafalda Arnauth, Carminho, Aldina Duarte, Camana, Paulo Braganša and Kßtia Guerreiro. In 2001, Fado was added to the list of UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Clube de Fado: Santo Antonio i guitarra portuguesa


Clube de Fado

Rua Sao Joao da Praša 86 - 94
Tel : 218 852 704
Fado dinner : daily 21h30 - 24h00
Price for dinner with Fado for one person is an average of 60€.

Clube do Fado: s│ynny dom fado w Lizbonie

Clube do Fado: wystŕpuj▒ tu s│ynni Âpiewacy fado

Mesa de Frades

Rua dos Remedios, 139A
Tel : 917 029 436
Fado Dinner : Monday - Saturday from 20h00 to 02h00 (23h00 music from)
Price for dinner with Fado for one person is 45€.

Behind the green, massive door to Alfama, at Rua dos Remedios, there is an unusual house of fado. In the seventeenth century it was a chapel in palßcio de Alfama, decorated with panels of azulejos tiles, and later it was a shop, a bar, and now fado restaurant whose name recalls the original character of the place.. The interior is really small, and after dinner, around 23h00 Fadistas line up against the door and begin their performances (in several series of four songs each).

Mesa de frades: wnŕtrze starej kaplicy wyk│adane azulejos

Dragão de Alfama

Rua Guilherme Braga 8
Tel : 218 867 737
Fado dinner on Friday, Saturday from 20h30 to 02h00
Prices for dinner with Fado for one person is about 25€.

The observation deck near Santo Estêvao’s traditional venue, which serves home- Portuguese cuisine and offers live fado performed by local artists. The owners are extremely pleasant, hospitable people, who are involved in running the house of fado for decades. This is an excellent place for people who want to participate in an authentic fado evening for a good price (you pay only for the food, there is no extra charge for the music).

Dragão de Alfama: fado i domowa kuchnia

Dragão de Alfama: Dona de casa, w│aÂcicielka lokalu

Taverna d’el Rey

Largo Chafariz de Dentro, 14-15
Tel : 218 876 754
Fado dinner : a whole week of 20h300 to 03:00
Price for dinner with Fado for one person is about 30€.

Near the Museum of Fado there are a lot of restaurants with Fado. One of them is Taverne d’ el Rey. It is a nice place, the walls are decorated with azulejos and typical floor with calšada portuguesa. The owner of this place is Fadista himself and, of course, is often found on stage. Dinner starts at 20h30, interspersed with the performances of singers accompanied by guitars.

Taverna d’el Rey: znajduje siŕ niedaleko Muzeum Fado

Taverna d’el Rey: guitarra portuguesa

Tasca do Jaime

Rua da Graša 91
Tel : 21 888 1560
Fado on Saturdays and Sundays from 16h00 to 20h00
Price for fado, snacks, wine is about 10€.

In the district of Graša in Lisbon there is a small tasca, where on Saturday and Sunday evenings you can listen to fado. In the premises you may often hear the sound of a tram 28 passing by. Here you can enjoy a variety of snacks and meals (chourišo assado, a plate of tapas, pastel de bacalhau, Imperial, vinho). Often you can listen to singing owner, Jaime Nunes.

Tasca do Jaime: niewielki lokal w dzielnicy Graša

Tasca do Jaime: fado przy kieliszku wina i przek▒skach

Corašão d┤ Alfama

Rua Terreiro do Trigo 8
Tel: 218865491
Fado from Tuesday to Sunday, from 20h30 to 02h00
Average price for dinner with Fado for one person is 30€.

The history of this place began in 1929. First, the place was known as Taverna " Chico da cova treat " where, in addition to tasting traditional Portuguese dishes political discussions were held.(the anti-fascist propaganda). Currently, " Corašao d’ Alfama " is a typical restaurant, which offers fado music : good food and good music.

Corašão d┤ Alfama: wieczˇr z fado

Corašão d┤ Alfama: kolacja fado

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