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Moorish Castle
Conquered in 1147 by Afonso Henriques for the Christians, the Castle was a major victory in the reconquest of Portugal. Today the Castle is in ruins, although it was restored in mid- nineteenth century, and offers spectacular views to its visitors from Ponte 25 de Abril to Arrabida, Cascais to Cabo da Rocha, Peniche and the Berlenga islands.
Moorish Castle: perfectly fits into the natural landscape
From Calçada dos Clérigos, for those with the energy, a stone pathway will lead to ruins of the Moorish Castle. Alternatively, a special bus to the castle will take you there through steep roads with sharp turns.
Moorish Castle and Pena Palace: located on two adjacent peaks
Moorish Castle: the tower of stone
Moorish Castle: actually its ruins and a relatively well-preserved walls

From historic center of Sintra to the Castelo dos Mouros you can go by car (10 min), by bike (30 min) or walking (50 min).

open hours:
between 1.05-15.09: from 9h30 to 19h00 (whole week); between 16.09-30.04: from 10h00 to 17h00 (whole week)
address: Estrada da Pena
phone: +351 219 237 300
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The Palacio da Pena is an extravagant yet relatively modern building. The outside evokes Disney in that its pink and yellow towers and domes boast drawbridges, sculptures and detail that one can only imagine exist in fantasy.
It is one of the most surising and enigmatic monuments of the Sintra Cultural Landscape. Quinta da Regaleira is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.
Once the royal town of the country, it now deservedly holds UNESCO world heritage status and attracts hordes of visitors throughout the year. Sintra has unusual geography: hills, forests, ocean, and its subsequent climate. Monuments and nature get together in one of the most perfect combinations.
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Moorish Castle
Pena Palace
Pena Palace
Pena Palace
Pena Palace
Moorish Castle
View of the Pena Palace
Palacio da Pena
Quinta da Regaleira
Quinta da Regaleira
Quinta da Regaleira
Quinta da Regaleira
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