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Saint George’s Castle
Saint George’s Castle - Overlooking the city from millennium-old walls.
It is a magical place, a charming hilltop citadel with geese and ducks roaming around the castle gardens. Once used as a fortress, today it is home to many local families and a place that certainly deserves a visit.
Saint George Castle: mighty castle towering over Alfama
Walls of the Saint George Castle offer one of the most beautiful views over Lisbon’s most amazing neighbourhoods. Sea of red roofs, 25th April Bridge connecting Lisbon with the other side of the Tagus River, Cristo Rei monument and many others are only some of the views you will experience from the Castle.
Portas do Sol
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The first fortification on the hilltop was orginally built in Roman times, when Lisbon and the surrounding lands were under domination of Romans. Castle, as we see it today was built by the Moors in the tenth century and was under their ruling until year 1147 when the castle and the whole Lisbon were conquered by the first king of Portugal - Afonso Henriques. Since then, the castle served as a royal residence , and in 1300 it was completely rebuilt by King Dionysius I. In the second half of the fourteenth century castle was renovated and its walls were expanded. At that time, the castle got its name - the Castle of St . George - which has been attributed to him by King John I.

At the beginning of the sixteenth century, the castle lost on importance due to the earthquake of 1531 and construction of a new royal residence by King Manuel I.
In 1569 young King Sebastian decided to restore the castle, however his plans were interrupted by the sudden death of the King . During the Spanish occupation (1580 - 1640) the castle has undergone extensive modernization, and in that time have been used as barracks for Spanish troops .

In 1755 Castle again suffered a severe earthquake and was largely destroyed. It was rebuilt only in 1947 during the dictatorship of Salazar, who ordered removal of all modifications added over the centuries to the castle and restore its original character.

Now, the Castle of Saint George is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lisbon. The visit to the castle costs 7.5 € (adults), students under 25 and seniors over 65 years pay € 4 and residents of Lisbon can visit for free.

open hours:
between March - October: from 9h00 to 21h00 (whole week); between November - February: from 9h00 to 18h00 (whole week)
New Year; Xmas; 01.05
up to 10: 0€; from 11 up to 64: 7,5€; from 65: 4€
address: Costa do Castelo
phone: +351 218 800 620
Tram: 12,28
Bus: 37
Nearby locations
Graça Belvedere is one of the most famous lookouts on Lisbon. Simply, called Graça, it is popular place for social meetings. The terrace offers spectacular view that extends from Baixa and Chiado, the Tagus estuary to the 25th April Bridge.
Just a few steps away from Miradouro de Santa Luzia, a balcony opens onto the river offering truly spectacular views over Alfama. The view from this miradouro is considered to be one of the most memorable in the city. It is a "must see" in Lisbon.
Alfama is the oldest and one of the most amazing district of Lisbon. It is located on one of seven hills of Lisbon, right below the St. George’s Castle. It could be best described as a village within a city made up of narrow streets, tiny squares, churches and whitewashed houses with wrought-iron balconies adorned with pots of flowers and drying laundry.
Miradouro de Santa Luzia - Views of the river and Alfama.This attractive terrace offers views of the Alfama rooftops, the river Tagus, and the dome of the National Pantheon, all framed by grapevine-draped trellises.
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Portas do Sol
Portas do Sol
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Graça Belwedere
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