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Cascais Beaches
Cascais: Ribeira Beach
Cascais Beach
Guincho Beach: wild and long beach is real surfer's and windsurfer's paradise
Costa da Caparica: hot beach near to Lisbon
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At the end of one of the suburban train lines out of the capital lies Cascais. It was once a fishing village, but in 1870 the royal court came here for the summer, with a trail of nobility in its wake. Such patronage has left it with some grand pastel-coloured buildings and a striking citadel. Apart from beaches, Cascais has a few quirky museums, some wild gardens and a lively fish market.
The seawater has access to the deep bottom of the chasm and vigorously strikes its rocky walls, making it a popular tourist attraction.
It is one of the most beautiful beaches around Lisbon, but can be windy and the waves are powerful, which doesn’t make it the best beach for swimming.
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Costa da Caparica
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Costa da Caparica
Costa da Caparica
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Costa da Caparica
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Costa da Caparica
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